Recovery Therapy

Here at Intentional Moments we want to help you stay well by offering holistic wellness therapies to help your body receive the rest and recovery it needs.

About the Service

Recovery therapies (also known as low-touch therapies) are proven to help restore energy, improve sleep, decrease pain, reduce inflammation, improve your immune system, and much more.  No matter your wellness intention, our recovery therapies will support your overall health and wellbeing allowing you to live the life you want and deserve.  

Salt Room (Halotherapy)

Ready to get salted? Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) is a healing, non-invasive treatment that utilizes a halogenerator to heat, grind, crush, and disperse salt (99.99% Pure Grade Sodium Chloride) into the salt room which are then inhaled penetrating deep into the lungs to help aid respiratory concerns and skin conditions. When you think of salt therapy, think of respiratory hygiene.

30 min - $40
Series of 6: $200 / Series of 12: $440

60 min - $65
Series of 6: $325 / Series of 12:  $715

Relieves respiratory related conditions
Relieves allergy symptoms and breathing issues
Reduces symptoms from psoriasis and eczema
Reduces stress & anxiety
Improves sleep
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Infrared Sauna

Whether your wellness intention is relaxation, deep detoxification, immunity boost, or muscle recovery, our Sunlighten infrared sauna is proven effective in helping you achieve your wellness goal. Get ready to feel better and receive the healing your body needs as you sit back and allow the infrared waves to penetrate your skin and heat your core.

30 min - $40
Series of 6: $200 / Series of 12: $440

45 min - $65
Series of 6: $325 / Series of 12:  $715

Promotes deep detoxification of toxins
Improves your immune system
Improves heart health
Aids in muscle recovery
Reduces stress & anxiety
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Red Light Therapy

Enhance your wellbeing with red light therapy, a holistic wellness approach utilizing light of different wavelengths to treat various health and skin conditions.

15 min - $25
Series of 6: $125 / Series of 12: $275

30 min - $50
Series of 6: $250 / Series of 12:  $550

Decrease pain and inflammation
Enhances overall skin health
Promotes injury recovery & wound healing
Aids in cell repair
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Normatec Compression Therapy

If you are an athlete or someone who experiences aches, pain, or puffiness in the legs then this treatment is for you!  This technology uses dynamic air compression to help improve mobility and restore healing.  If you want to recover faster, Normatec compression therapy is a must!  Your legs will thank you!

30 min - $40
Series of 6: $200 / Series of 12: $440

Reduces pain & muscle soreness
Speeds up muscle recovery
Increases circulation
Increases range of motion
Improves athletic performance
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